How to Build a Natural Pool

For those who like to live in a greener way, natural pools are the best option. However for its construction is important some key aspects, to achieve the perfect space.

Steps to follow:

  1. The construction of natural pools, as well as other ponds, requires the participation of a professional . Only a specialist can indicate whether the terrain is suitable, how much to excavate, and the type of material to be used. Therefore it is recommended to evaluate budgets and ask for all the necessary information before choosing the person in charge to carry out this work.
  2. Before starting the construction of our natural pool it is very important to carry out a study of the climate and the soil , because it will be through these results that will choose the materials and plants most suitable for this space.
  3. As in the construction of any pool, when it comes to a natural, we should choose a good space in the garden , free from the shade of trees to prevent the water from ending up full of leaves. The size of the excavation will clearly depend on the available space.
  4. Check the systems for natural pools to choose from. The final alternative will depend fundamentally on the climate of your city and your budget. Remember that this type of pool also uses pump systems, plumbing, and cascades to look natural, trying to simulate a natural pond.
  5. In the natural pools, a swimming area and a regeneration area are built, where most plants will be installed and where certain flora, such as larvae, insects, frogs, etc., will grow.
  6. The gravel and sand filters and the plants will be the main ones in charge to keep clean the water of your swimming pool, so verify well which are the most recommendable for you. As for the plants, place them in a separate space of the separate pond or also in the area intended for swimming. The choice will depend on your preference, but it will be the climate of the area that will determine the type of plant you should acquire.
  7. Even if you try to imitate nature, it is not recommended to have animals like fish or ducks inside the natural pool, because the water will become dirty. If you wish to place fish in the area, it is necessary to check which species are suitable.
  8. As for the maintenance, it does not represent a greater expense than any conventional swimming pool, in fact it is even more practical because it does not need chemicals used to clean the water, also it is not necessary to empty but simply to fill the amount of water that evaporates.
    For gardening enthusiasts, the natural pool plants also represent a great entertainment that can be done in a personal way.
  9. The natural pools are an ecological and beautiful alternative that will allow you to revalue your home, creating a perfect space for relaxation and contact with nature, without needing to leave the house.


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