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Kelli giddish plastic surgery – Surgery or also called the surgery is a specialty in medicine. The goal of surgery usually is to treat injury or disease by using instruments or manual operation. Surgeons could have a regular doctor, veterinarian or dentist who is capable or specialize in the field of surgery.

The types of surgery are quite varied which is based on the body part that needs surgery, the urgency of the surgery should be immediately implemented, the number of incisions that patients require, the use of the tool, as well as the goal of surgery. Below there are several categories of types of surgery that may be able to recognize briefly.

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1. Based Procedure Type

There are several types of surgery based on the procedure that you can see below:

  • Resection . Surgery you know the part of all or part of the patient’s body organ also called surgical resection.
  • Amputation . A special kind of surgery this one would have been not a stranger anymore because essentially, amputation is a surgical operation to cut off certain body parts. Such surgery is generally only done in order to prevent the spread of infection to other body areas.
  • Reconstructive surgery . This type of surgery is more focused on how to make the injured body part has improved. Neither the damage or serious disability caused by the disease, which is done before surgery, or injury, reconstructive surgery is able to be a solution.
  • Facelift . When I heard this type of surgery, it may be on your mind is plastic surgery. Facelift is a type of surgery that was his goal to make a person look more beautiful. Now the type of surgery being popular among the people.
  • Grafting . Type of surgical operations will be conducted doctor for specific body organ or part to replace them with organs from other sources.
  • Replanting . Surgery this one is the type that will be performed by a doctor with the aim reattach body parts that had separated. This is the opposite of the type of surgery resection.

2. Based on the Used Equipment

There is also a type of surgery that is based on the tools or technologies used in a hospital or by a doctor, such as:

  • Surgical microscopy . This type of surgery is indeed microscopic neurosurgery technology utilizes microscopic so that doctors could treat diseased areas of the brain through small holes, namely by creating a larger treatment area.
  • Endoscopic surgery . A general description of the type of surgery is endoscopic surgery by using an endoscope or a flexible tube bending nan camera equipped at one end. The camera would later be used for taking pictures of the inside in the digestive tract. Usually this is the medical action undertaken to address the disease problem indigestion .
  • Robotic surgery . In robotic surgery , the surgeon will put a computer system that will be used to control a robot arm and its end-effector. The advantage in practice this surgery is that the surgeon can simply rely on a computerized method and do not need to be present in the operating room immediately. Even remote surgery was possible.
  • Laser surgery . In action type of laser surgery, the surgeon typically will use a laser beam so that the damaged areas in the body can heal. An example is like when the doctor was about to cover the blood vessels in the eyes of patients with diabetes .

3. By Type Incision

There are also other types of surgery based on the type of incision made by the surgeon, such as:

  • Laparoscopic . This type of surgery requires an incision is small enough and keep in mind that the average major surgical operation action instead it has the equivalent of surgery using laparoscopic techniques. Thus, the recovery time of the patient would be reduced and normally would not be so hurt.
  • Laparotomy . These types of surgical operations will focus on large-sized surgical incision. This operation is exactly the opposite of laparoscopy.

4. Based on Timing

Especially for the type of surgery that is determined by timing, the type of surgery you need to know is:

  • Emergency Surgery . Surgery or surgery aims to make the patient’s life spared. When a patient has just had a severe accident or injury that triggered the trauma, surgical step is what the doctor choose.
  • Semi-elective surgical . The aim of this type of surgical operation as a preventer effects or ill effects of an injury or illness. Type semi-elective surgery is not to be quickly implemented and doctors can delay for a moment.
  • Elective surgery . This type of surgery the doctor will do with the goal of a particular disease does not make the patient’s life in danger. Surgery is only done if the doctor will ask the patient already own.

5. Based on Body Parts

Of course, surgery is based on parts of the body fairly so many and the most we often hear in general surgical cases, among others:

  • Orthopedic surgery . Musculoskeletal disorders in patients usually are handled by this action.
  • Cardiac surgery . Heart bypass surgery and heart ring is an example. There are different types of heart disease and that usually get such treatment are patients with coronary heart disease .
  • Surgery digestive tract . This surgery will resolve interference problems or abnormalities in the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Oral surgery . This action is done surgeon to repair the injury, illness, or disability in hard and soft tissues of the mouth with the upper jaw area.

6. By Purpose

There is also a surgical operation process based on the focus and objectives, such as:

  • Surgical therapy . Doctors perform this type of surgery is only with the aim to tackle a disease that is already ascertained previously had been suffered by the patient.
  • Surgery investigation . Doctors perform this type of surgery with the main objective to make sure to be an allegation of diagnosis where the diagnosis is not yet certain. With this surgery, then the alleged automatic diagnostics supported.

That is a list of the types of surgery that would need to know. However, although surgery is often the solution of a particular disease or condition of the body, there is always the potential risks and complications in patient health.

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