How to Clean Enclosed Hitch Cargo Carrier

swinging cargo carrierYou need a lot of stuff when you are going to outdoor vacation, like camping. You need bicycles and camping stuff loaded into your vehicle. However, your vehicle does not have baggage rack with large capacity. To overcome this situation, you must add additional baggage rack which is called cargo carrier. There are a lot of types of the cargo carrier. There is hitch cargo carrier that can be appended to the back of your vehicle. There is also rooftop rack that can be put on the rooftop of your vehicle. Besides, you can find open or enclosed hitch cargo carrier design. No matter what you choose, you should take care of your cargo carrier by cleaning it up routinely. Follow these following steps to clean your cargo carrier.

  • Unattached the Cargo Carrier

Before cleaning your cargo carrier, you should know that you can’t wash your cargo carrier while it is attached to your vehicle. You should wash your cargo carrier separately. That is why you need to detach your cargo carrier from the rooftop or the hitch of your vehicle.

  • Hose Off with Fresh Water

After you detach your cargo carrier from your vehicle, you should hose off your cargo carrier. You can use fresh water to clean the stain on the body of your cargo carrier. If your cargo carrier is too dirty, you can soak it in warm water for several minutes.

  • Scrub with Soap or Detergent

To maximize the cleanness of your cargo carrier, you can wash your cargo carrier with soap or detergent. It will be better if you wash your cargo carrier with car shampoo or cleanser for metal. Then, you scrub it with the soft brush, so the body of your cargo carrier does not scratch. Otherwise, you can rub your cargo carrier with the towel. Do not forget to bathe your cargo carrier to wash the foam.

  • Let It Dry

The last step of washing your cargo carrier is by letting it dry under the sunshine or breeze.

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