How to Organize a Party?

The first step to be taken is to design your party planning:

  • make a list of the number of guests.
  • see the ideal place to do it and depending on the type of party, the best day of the week, food, attractions or games and the script of the party.
  • then classify your party, see what the host wants, and choose a person to help you.


Event / Party Classification

The classification of the party is related to the age of the person or the nature of the event.

♦ Nature: sports, social, recreational, etc .;

♦ Target audience: which people will participate, what their social class, how old they are;

♦ Format: course, meeting, etc .;

♦ Competitive: tournament, Olympics;

♦ Demonstrations: spectacle, auction, inauguration;

♦ Social gatherings: cocktail, coffee break, debutantes.



⇒ Make a list of everything that will be in your party, see the number of guests. Be aware that relatives, babysitters, and people close to your guests may appear;

⇒ Make budgets and see which are the best products and services to choose from according to the type of party;

⇒ If there is a contract with another company, check the agreement made: date of delivery of the cake, salty food, decoration, etc .;

⇒ Choose the music repertoire, the location for the rental of waiters, etc .;

⇒ Choose the best date and time: if during the week the participation of all the guests will be more difficult, the best day is on Friday; if it’s a weekend, it’s possible that all the guests attend; if at school, if it is a children’s party, are economical and parents should hire all services, such as transportation and security


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