How to recover my email

One of the worst things that can happen on the Internet is losing access to our e-mail. In an instant, all our messages, contact information, etc., are out of reach with all the losses that may lead to our personal and professional life.

following steps:

1. First, you should know that all e-mail services establish a series of standards that allow retrieve the email relatively easily and securely. Usually what astray was our password, the server offers us several alternatives. For example, Outlook gives us the possibility to establish a password reminder in two ways. First saw in would send the reminder to an alternate e-mail at registration should have indicated.

2. The second way to get my Outlook e-mail is to answer the security question that also established at the time of registration and account creation in Outlook. It is necessary to mention the importance of well store the data at the time of to be registered to be able to use in these cases.

3. The procedure to recover a Google Account is similar at the time of registration will indicate the method or methods you want to use for the recovery of accounts. The methods proposed by Google are three: the phone, the email account recovery or alternative e-mail addresses.

4. Finally, if the server is associated with our Internet company (Telefonica, Claro, Hi, etc.) in addition to using the same procedures to recover our email , we will always have the opportunity to contact the company’s technical service to proceed to recovery.

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