How to Successfully Sell Products on Instagram? – 6 Effective Tips

Increasingly internet technology nowadays makes people use internet for various purposes, ranging from communicating, seeking information, playing games, viewing videos, to use it as a medium to increase revenue.

Ways to earn income through the internet vary, there are blogs, become a vlogger, into a program, to sell online. Especially for selling online is quite a lot provided by various platforms, ranging from e-commerce sites, to through social media like Facebook and Instagram.

Instagram application becomes one of the favorite choice to sell, because this application gives priority to photos and video, it makes it easier for seller to show the product and from buyer side also make it easier to search for a product.

Especially instagram in United States currently has enough users, so it is important to use it as a medium in increasing sales because the effects caused quite large.

For those who can not wait to sell via instagram, consider the following tips for your sales increasingly in demand as quoted from various sources:

6 Tips to Improve Your Sales on Instagram


1. Create a special account

To sell, create a special account instead of using a personal account. This is in addition to the purpose of privacy, also allows you to target the target market and position the store in accordance with the characters and advantages that want highlighted. Creating a custom account also makes it easy to manage the account

2. Looking for a lot of followers

After having a special instagram account, then it’s time to add follower. Because without follower then no one saw the photo, so of course no one bought. How to add follower you first need to follow followers from instagram accounts that sell similar products with your product.

Follower of the store certainly has an interest in the goods sold, thus you can assume that the follower in the store is a potential share also for your store. Follow as many accounts as you can and do it gradually.

Do it till the following number reaches tens of thousands. From the follow-in account there are certainly curious and see your instagram. That’s when you can also install interesting photos so they will follow you back.

3. Upload lots of photos with interesting content

To be able to interest people in following your account, make sure you are diligent to upload interesting photos. In addition to an interesting photo, you must also add a description or caption in accordance with a complete explanation of the product being sold.

In addition to the product photos, you can also do the interlude by uploading photos that are not directly related to the offer of the goods, but still related to the items being sold.

Suppose you sell clothes, then can upload photos that lead to dress tips. Thus, your follower feels the benefit of your account.

4. Polish the photo to make it interesting

In addition to many photos, photo quality should also be considered. While photographing with a mobile phone, keep it interesting, clear, and photogenic. This will easily attract the attention of your followers.

5. Give a discount or promo

Discounts would be everyone’s favorite, let alone women. For that, you need to give a discount and if necessary include also in the photo so that attract attention and encourage people to buy your product. Holding a specific promo is also effective to increase people’s attention to the products you sell.

6. Use appropriate and interesting hashtags

Hashtag will make it easier for people to see your product so do not be bored to add hashtags of each uploaded product.


Selling through instagram can not give instant results. But by continuing to work hard and in the right way, then you can start to feel the results.

You can also browse accounts that are already successful and learn their strategies to be applied to speed up sales of your products.

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