4 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Bitcoin

The most phenomenal currency in the world today, the BitCoin. BitCoin is a digital currency in the form of a set of chain block algorithms.

The most interesting, that is the price of one BitCoin at this time. One coin almost reaches the price of $4000. A very fantastic price, surpassing the price of all paper money in the world. Want to have a BitCoin?

So You Should Start Investing Your Money in Bitcoin?


1. The Price Continues to Skyrocket

The higher the demand for an item, while the amount is limited, will make the price of the goods increase. This is one of the basic principles of economics.

Bitcoins whose numbers are limited and enthusiastic is high, could have skyrocketed to $10000 or more.

2. Safe Technology System

BitCoin uses a system called BlockChain (chain block), where the system is not centered and interconnected with each other. The longer, the algorithm will be more difficult. And now, the block chain BitCoin has been so long that it is impossible to hack.

3. Unbound Country and Banking

BitCoin is not a country’s currency, so it will never be stubborn with political conflict. No banking, no mafia game in it. BitCoin is very transparent.

In fact you can see the earliest transaction of BitCoin.

4. Already Recognized by Some Countries

Not only recognized for online transactions, BitCoin has started to be recognized in several countries. It is not impossible that the whole world will use BitCoin tablets

If this happens, then we can be sure that the BitCoin price is skyrocketing.

5. The amount is limited

Bitcoin supply will only be 21 million Bitcoin worldwide. Bitcoin’s system of declining creation every four years resembles an economic system based on deflation and with the increasing supply of bitcoin, bitcoin prices tend to rise.

You can transfer bitcoin to anywhere in the world as long as it is connected to the internet. Bitcoin will be stored into the Bitcoin Wallet. This wallet must be installed on both sides, can be with PC / laptop, tablet or smartphone.

After installing the wallet, you will get a Bitcoin Address. For bitcoin transfer is very easy, open the wallet application, input Bitcoin Address of the transaction opponent and the number of bitcoin you want to transfer, then send.

Then you may ask, if there is no bank or company that manage as well as paypal or egold, then financial data stored where? The answer, on your own computer (in wallet) and peer to peer network around the world. Bitcoin money stored on your computer inside the wallet.

If your computer breaks down your bitcoin money is gone, so bitcoin wallet must be backed up regularly to some devices. When making transactions, tens of thousands of computers in the bitcoin network will verify the data you input so there is no cheating.

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