10 Tips on How to Be a Better Surfer – Increase Your Surfing Skill

There are many ways to improve your surfing skills, such as training, then learning from friends, watching people who are already skilled surfing and so on, but those who are professional, definitely start their skills from 0 and not instant.

And this time I will give a little tips 10 Easy Ways to Increase Your Surfing Skill.

10 Surfing Tips to Increase Your Surfing Skill

Surfing Tips

1. Have a skater mindset

Having a mindset of a skateboarder is the most powerful way to learn to air. If you want to be adept at spinning, it’s actually just a repetition and the way you read and adapt to the waves.

2. Feel the turn

Never analyze your maneuvers too early. There are many things in surfing that can not be taught theoretically. All this about feeling. Drive each wave differently and glide each day.

3. Look for your inspiration

Surf with people better than you. It will keep you going. But that does not mean you feel lost because he is more good. Each surfer has their own style when getting the waves. Meet your own surfing style.

4. Embarrass yourself

Our point is not to surf naked. Watch your video recordings while studying each month. Compare this with your idol video recordings on YouTube. Analyze all your moves, find out which ones to change. It will keep pressing itself to keep on practicing.

5. Join the club

Actually this does not apply to everyone. If you are a very competitive person, then this will be very helpful. But on the other hand, the mental will only be down for seeing a competitor better than you. When under such pressure, you will try crazy things that can make yourself surfing to a higher level.

6. Do not be proud first

You may often ask surfers who are more reliable about how to do tips and tricks when sliding. No one really wrong, especially if you are close to the person. But sometimes, you have to ask yourself and share what you explore yourself.

7. Know your mood

The way you surf will be greatly influenced by your mood. Maybe you’re wanting to jump in the waves and make a new trick. We do not want to ban you that way. But sometimes there are times where you just want to enjoy the waves and sunset. Just follow the mood, because that’s what will lead you to surf.

8. You can do anything

Each trick needs a certain wave type. There will be a day where you skate on the perfect waves to get the trick. You will get inspired and know that this is the time for you to execute the trick. Do not think much, face and tackle the waves.

9. Find a crazy friend

You need a friend who is more crazy than you. Because he will really help you to ride big waves. It would be better if your age and he are the same. This is a great motivation. This crazy nature will make your true ability come out and add to your skillsurfing.

10. Waves are the best teachers

Whoever inspires you, never forget that your teacher is actually a wave. Adaptation from the beginning until you are proficient is caused by the waves. Do not be disappointed if your teacher does not provide the best for you. Because sometimes, he wants to make you relax slightly enjoy the sea.

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