Tips For You To Overcome The Fear Of Building A Successful Business

Shoot the first stone who never wanted to start a business. Whether it is in a situation of unemployment, or the desire to gain autonomy, everyone has already been nudged by the desire to become their own boss. But the big question is: how many give up putting their dream into practice? Most aspiring entrepreneurs, of course, throw in the towel before even taking the first step. The reason is in fear. People are terrified of betting their capital on setting up a business and end up losing investments that often took years to accumulate.

Marcos Hashimoto, the coordinator of the Insper Entrepreneurship Center, says that Brazil has many opportunities, but entrepreneurs are not well prepared to take advantage of them. And they end up succumbing. One example is that around 27% of micro and small companies in São Paulo close their doors in the first year of existence. In addition to the often unfavorable winds that affect the Brazilian economy, the reason for failure lies in the lack of planning. With your feet on the ground, the chance to overcome insecurity and be successful increases greatly.

Those who achieve success are those who correctly identify opportunities and take advantage of them. And do not be intimidated. “Above all, it is important to have perseverance, determination and do not get carried away by the aggressive circumstances that often threaten the construction of a business. It is fundamental to get up quickly from the falls,” says Hashimoto.

Despite all the obstacles, the number of people who venture in search of their ideals is great in Brazil. It is no wonder that the country is always in a prominent place when it comes to entrepreneurship. Paulo Veras, former director general of the Endeavor Institute, says that the profile of the Brazilian is marked by boldness. “The Brazilian feels more comfortable in dealing with risk than other people.”

The fear of setting up a business will always be present. It is even healthy as long as it does not immobilize. The book How to Make a Company Get Right in an Uncertain Country, edited by the Endeavor Institute, describes the importance of fear: “(…) The fear of not working is absolutely essential, because it is for the entrepreneur to know its limits and calculate the size of its risks.”

If you are included in the universe of aspiring entrepreneurs who are willing to start a business, but are taken by the fear of risks and uncertainties, we have put together 20 tips ( which can be read on the next pages of this report ), given by entrepreneurs, to help you build the courage to go ahead and build a success story. Take your first step and good luck!


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