Various Plastic Surgery Side Effects You Should Know, Can Cause Death.

Many women who want to look beautiful in a way that is instant with plastic surgery or injections. But did you know that the instant way such side effects side effects of plastic surgery. kylie jenner before plastic surgery ,According Enrina Diah, Sp.BP-RE, a plastic surgeon, the type of surgery performed will determine what caused the reaction.

Then Dr. Eddy Karta, SpKK, another plastic surgeon, said that the differential impact will result from different plastic surgery. Then the doctor Enrina added that side effects will arise reddish sign post plastic surgery on the nose. However, he also stated that a sign of inflammation are normal healing effect or the effect of post-plastic surgery.

Postoperatively, the patient will perform the control for three days, the stitches removed after one week, and progress will be seen for a month. In those days frequently arise undesirable side effects. For patients who underwent surgery using yarn or filler material by the side effects can be seen right after medical procedures.

 Hasil gambar untuk Berbagai Efek Samping Operasi Plastik Yang Harus Anda Tahu, Bisa Menyebabkan Kematian.

The body will form a granuloma tissue in the form of redness and swelling are uneven when you do a filler material in the form of liquid silicone injection were not safe. In addition, the side effects can also occur after a breast implant in the form of bleeding, complications, paydara feels hard, and painful. If you experience these side effects, talk to your doctor in order to follow up.

To learn more about the various side effects caused plastic surgery, the following are some side effects of plastic surgery that you should know.

1. The emergence of Pain and Pain

The negative impact of plastic surgery one of which is the onset of aches and pains. The most common side effect is felt after plastic surgery is a symptom of this. Here is a plastic surgery that causes pain and tenderness:

• Tummy tuck and abdominoplasty is an operation that aims to tighten the stomach that often causes pain to the patient.
• In addition, Breast augmentation which is a plastic surgery that aims to increase the size of breasts by placing saline and silicon in the muscles under the breast often cause pain and tenderness. That’s because doctors would be cut under the chest muscle to connect these materials.
• In addition, Full Face Laser is operating by using laser light to remove scars and wrinkled. The pain will be inflicted the same as burns due (second degree burn) or serious burns.
• In operation Thigh Lift (firming the thighs) and Body Lift (skin toning the entire body), physicians should slice the parts of your body broad and large.

2. Incidence of Bleeding

Bleeding is one of the side effects of plastic surgery. Then if the bleeding continues, the side effects will continue on stage complications of burns or purplish color skin apada called hematoma, skin turned blue-black, and blood clots. If these complications are not addressed, there could be more serious problems such as infections and skin problems.

Complications of bleeding side effects as a result of plastic surgery is a hematoma. Hematoma is characterized by pain due to blood clots and skin color becomes bluish or blackish. Hematoma can occur when patients experienced postoperative bleeding, but the bleeding does not stop after a long visit. Hemotom are not stopped can lead to infection.

3. Side Effects of Anesthesia Procedures

The negative impact of plastic surgery is the anesthesia procedure. Although these side effects are rare in patients, but it is very dangerous. Anesthesia is a procedure in which the doctor will eliminate pain in patients when surgery or surgery. Anesthesia is very necessary so that the patient does not experience pain when the scalpel slicing their skin.

Patients who have medical history such as heart disease may need more time to keep sadar.Hal it because anesthesia would affect vital organs such as the heart. Then, if you know that the other side effects of enestesi or sedatives can cause heart attack, constriction of the airways, brain and nerve paralysis, and others. In addition, this procedure will lead to a longer loss of consciousness, nausea, sore throat, and vomiting in patients.

4. Blepharopasty Causing Eye Sight Impaired Ability.

Long-term effects of plastic surgery one of them is disturbing eyesight. One of the plastic surgery that can interfere with the function of the eye is Blepharopasty . Reducing the fat tissue under the eye is called Blepharopasty .

A woman named Marilyn Leisz in New Jersey can not turn a blind eye to the normal result of misunderstanding the doctor who operated. Even to blink, he felt especially difficult to close his eyes. In addition, these side effects can also be a side effect of plastic surgery after dark.

Here are the other side effects of surgery Blepharopasty :

• The inability to close the eye completely.
• Color eyelid uneven with other facial skin color.
• eyelid folds become abnormal
• Food becomes blurred
• Loss of vision or blindness
• Dry Eye
• Occurs Bleeding
• Infection

5. The emergence of ” body dysmorphic disorder “.

The negative impact of plastic surgery one of which is the appearance of disorder BDD. Body dysmorphic disorder is a psychological disorder that causes patients had a strange and distorted thinking about her. The hallmark of these disorders is a sign of the patient will experience any dissatisfaction with her body shape.

They will not be satisfied with the results of operations that have been carried physician. Then the patient will feel addicted to plastic surgery and a few months later would try to improve its appearance again in this way. Disorder in these conditions will also lead to anorexia and bulimia.

The following are characteristics of people affected by disorders BDD:
• Experiencing depression or suicidal thoughts when pnampilan body does not match what he expected.
• Decreasing social functions or anti to hustle people.
• Spend 1-5 hours to improve her physical appearance.
• possessed negative concept about his appearance and lack of confidence.

6. Death may be caused by Liposuction Surgery.

Plastic surgery is quite closely related to human error. The side effects of plastic surgery can even cause death. Doctors will suck the fat in your body when you undergo liposuction . Moreover, in addition to taking your fat, your doctor will also suck your blood. Physicians should only take 6 pounds of fat from your body, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons .

If the doctor takes more than the normal level, patients may be dehydrated body fluids including blood flowing to the brain and heart. That’s what causes patients to experience the shock of the body or sudden death.

In addition, cases of death after plastic surgery are as follows:

• Breast Enlargement Surgery
One of the models in the German actress, Sexy Cora, on the sixth breast augmentation surgery times, he suddenly lost the function of his organs and blood pressure decrease drastically. This causes severe damage to the brain.
• Repair Operation Butt
Solange Magnano, a former Miss Argentina 1994, which underwent corrective surgery in Buenos Aires brujung ass to death. He did not think that the fluid injected into the buttocks flow to the vital organs of the heart and brain.

South Korea Plastic Surgery

South Korea Consumer Institute states that there are 130 complaints of side effects in 2012 and tripled in the next year. Then, according to the Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, South Korea is a country with the highest rate of plastic surgery in the world.

Many of the youth in the State Ginseng requesting a birthday gift to his parents in the form of plastic surgery. Even women in South Korea have been widely felt incision scalpel for plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is a common procedure done to get get artificial beauty though cause various side effects such as death. In fact, they prefer to live in poverty than live with an ugly face. Therefore, the Korean plastic surgery is not an easy task. Many need to be prepared both mentally and materially.

The following review was a side effect of plastic surgery. Now you already know what side effects in both the short and long term. Therefore, if you are considering plastic surgery, you also need to consider the negative impact that harm you anyway. You better be grateful for God’s gift perfect. Although sometimes this operation is necessary in an emergency when you are injured in an accident that was not intentional.

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